Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Flatware Patterns

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Pattern Identification

American Federal — Cottilion

  • American Federal

    american federal, cottillion, reed and barton
  • Antique Hammered

    antique hammered, reed and barton
  • Ashmont

    ashmont, reed and barton
  • Athenian Engraved

    athenian, engraved, reed and barton
  • Athenian

    athenian, reed and barton
  • Autumn Leaves

    autumn leaves, reed and barton
  • Betty Alden

    betty alden, reed and barton
  • Burgundy

    burgundy, reed and barton
  • Cameo

    cameo, reed and barton
  • Chambord

    chambord, reed and barton
  • Classic Rose

    classic rose, reed barton
  • Clovelly

    clovelly, reed and barton
  • Colonial Classic

    colonial classic, reed and barton
  • Cotillion

    cotillion, reed and barton, silver

Dancing Flowers — English Provincial

  • Dancing Flowers

    dancing flowers, reed and barton
  • Devon

    devon, reed and barton
  • Diadem

    diadem, reed and barton
  • Diamond

    diamond, reed and barton, silver
  • Dimension

    dimension, reed and barton, sterling
  • Dorothy Quincy

    dorothy quincy, reed and barton
  • Eighteenth Century

    eighteenth century, reed and barton
  • El Greco

    el greco, reed and barton
  • Elegante

    elegante, reed and barton, silverware
  • Emperor

    emperor, reed and barton, silverware
  • English Chippendale

    english chippendale, reed and barton
  • English Provincial

    english provincial, reed and barton

Flora — Guildhall

  • Flora

    floral, reed and barton, pattern
  • Florentine Lace

    florentine lace, reed and barton
  • Fragrance

    fragrance, reed and barton, silverware
  • Francis I

    francis first, reed and barton
  • French Antique Engraved

    french antique engraved, reed and barton
  • French Antique

    french antique, reed and barton
  • French Renaissance

    french renaissance, reed and barton
  • Georgian Rose

    georgian rose, reed and barton
  • Grande Renaissance

    grande renaissance, reed and barton
  • Guildhall

    guildhall, reed and barton, pattern identification

Hampton Court — Kings

  • Hampton Court

    hampton court
  • Hepplewhite Chased

    hepplewhite chased
  • Hepplewhite

    hepplewhite, silver pattern
  • Heritage

  • Intaglio

  • Jacobean

  • Jubilee

  • Kings


La Comtesse — Medallion

  • La Comtesse

    la comtesse, reed and barton
  • La Marquise

    la marquise, reed and barton
  • La Parisienne

    la parisienne, reed and barton
  • La Perle

    la perle, reed and barton, pattern
  • La Reine

    la reine, reed and barton, pattern
  • Lark

    lark, reed and barton, pattern
  • La Rocaille

    la rocaille, reed and barton, pattern
  • La Splendide

    la splendide, reed and barton, silver
  • La Touraine

    la touraine, reed and barton, pattern
  • Les Cinq Fleurs

    les cinq fleurs, reed and barton, pattern
  • Les Six Fleurs

    les six fleurs, reed and barton, pattern
  • Love Disarmed

    love disarmed, reed and barton, silverware pattern
  • Majestic

    majestic, reed and barton, silverware pattern
  • Marlborough

    marlborough, reed and barton, sterling
  • Medallion

    medallion, reed and barton, sterling silver

Old Virginia — Rose Cascade Gold

  • Old Virginia

    old virginia, reed and barton, antique flatware pattern
  • Petite Fleur

    petite fleur, reed and barton
  • Renaissance Scroll

    renaissance scroll, reed and barton
  • Romaine

    romaine, reed and barton
  • Rose Cascade

    rose cascade, reed and barton
  • Rose Cascade Gold

    rose cascade gold, reed and barton

Savannah — Vienna

  • Savannah

    savannah, reed and barton
  • Silver Sculpture

    silver sculpture, reed and barton
  • Silver Wheat

    silver wheat, reed and barton
  • Spanish Baroque

    spanish baroque, reed and barton
  • Star

    star, pattern, reed and barton
  • St. George Chased

    st george chased, pattern, reed and barton
  • St. George

    st george, reed and barton, silverware pattern
  • Tapestry

    tapestry, reed and barton, silverware pattern
  • Tara

    tara, reed and barton, flatware pattern
  • Tara Gold

    tara gold, reed and barton, flatware pattern
  • Trajan

    trajan, reed and barton, antique silverware
  • Tree of Life

    tree of life, reed and barton
  • Vienna

    vienna, reed and barton, silverware pattern

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